Carnival Fun Junk & Stuffed Animals

Fun Junk & Stuffed Animals

Cleaning out your play room for the holidays? Consider saving those items for Carnival Fun Junk and Stuffed Animal booths. Collection bins will be located in the front office atWilchester for the remainder of 2017. In 2018, there will also be designated home drop off locations.

What is “Fun Junk?” Fun Junk is not “junk” at all. Funk Junk consists of small toys that your child no longer plays with, but another child might really like…Items like party favors, free fast food toys, bouncy balls, matchbox cars, small figurines, beanie babies, toy jewelry, etc. Please do not hesitate to ask Stephanie Adam, swalseyadam@gmail.com, about what qualifies as “funk junk.”

Stuffed animals should be new or gently used without rips, stains, or missing parts.