PTA Budget

PTA Budget Suggestions


Each year as a PTA we review the budget process to ensure we are spending donations in accordance with donor wishes and the school’s needs.  This is accomplished through our PTA budget survey.  We want to hear from you!

We would like your suggestions for ways to improve or enhance the school environment.  Items that have been funded in prior years based on our surveys include:

  • Technology
  • Capital Improvements
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Staff and Classroom Support

Every idea is reviewed for feasibility by school personnel and the at-large budget committee members.  Only those suggestions that are currently feasible and meet school needs will be considered for the PTA Budget Survey.

Please complete this form with your name, email and survey suggestion.

We will let you know the outcome of your suggestion based on feasibility, district or budget constraints before the survey is issued.

Thank you,

Budget Survey Team


Want more information?

Our current budget consists of seven main categories: Staff Salaries, Facilities & Technology, Staff Development, Classroom Support, Student Services Support, Enrichment Programs, and PTA Committee Expenses.  These categories are detailed below to help you better understand where our PTA resources are allocated today.  Your feedback helps us continue to best allocate resources in the future!

  • Classroom Support is our largest area of funding at 28% of our budget. This is money we spend on curriculum and instruction for all classroom and specials teachers.  Some items included here are subscriptions to Social Studies Weekly and Scholastic News; supplemental resources for handwriting and vocabulary; literacy and classroom libraries; math manipulatives; consumables for science and art; music and health fitness equipment; and a teacher discretionary fund for miscellaneous items.
  • Staff Salaries is 23% of our total budget. We help provide salaries for the reading specialist and math specialist.  These are on-going initiatives to provide support to the staff and students to keep all students on pace for the year.


  • Enrichment Programs is 15% of our total budget. These are many of the “extra” programs provided throughout the year including field trips, international day, art expo, cultural arts, continental math league, Odyssey of the Mind, science fair, the garden, discovery dome, McGruff, reflections, spelling bee, and student council.  These programs enrich the lives of the students and provide opportunities for learning outside or in addition to the classroom.
  • Facilities & Technology includes various items for the building, playground, or landscape depending on the needs for the year. Items that have been purchased in the past include walkie-talkies for the staff, additional bike racks, furniture for the front office, storage shelves, flatbed dollies, picnic tables, furniture for an outdoor teachers’ lounge, landscaping of the back courtyard, activboards, tablets and computers for student use.  This is typically where the majority of large one-time expenditures are recorded and amounts vary from year to year.
  • Staff Development is 12% of our annual budget. It consists of funds spent on conferences and consultants for all classroom and specials teachers, as well as substitutes for those teachers when they are away at conferences.  We also provide substitutes for planning for all grade level teachers.
  • Student Services Support is 3% of our annual budget. The PTA provides funds to the counselor, library and school nurse.  They support character building and anti-bullying programs, visiting authors, as well as other programs.
  • PTA Committee Expense includes hospitality, teacher appreciation, landscape maintenance, and other expenditures for the PTA, such as bank fees, website maintenance, credit card fees, etc.