Box Tops!

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Box Tops Contest ends THIS FRIDAYFebruary 16th!

Who will win?
February 5-16 – First-Ever, Grade-Level Box Tops Contest

February 5-16 bring your Box Tops for our contest. Box Tops will be counted throughout a two-week period and the grade with the most Box Tops will win extra time in the Library beyond their regularly scheduled time. Kids will also have their names read over morning announcements for supporting the program. All money goes to Mrs. Dolan to support the Library.

Easy ways to submit”

–Use the Box Top collection sheet sent home in your child’s recent Tuesday Folder
–Or submit in Ziploc bags of 50 and write with a Sharpie pen and write 50 on the bag or if less than 50 write the exact amount in the bag
–Do not submit any expired Box Tops
–Make sure date shows/do not cut off date
–Turn them into grade-level boxes in the Library OR to your teacher

Look for a collection sheet to be sent home in the Jan. 30th Tuesday Folder with directions. You can also submit in Ziploc baggies. It’s easy and every Box Top adds up to Big Bucks. Mrs. Dolan is using all funds to buy extra fun seating for the kids in the Library.

Support your school, your library, and your grade!

Print off a collection sheet HERE.

To help our Box Tops Chairman, please do the following:

–Cut your Box Tops and turn them in in Ziploc bags of 50 and use a marker to write 50 on the bag
–If your amount is less than 50 simply write the exact number in the bag if not 50
–Or the best way to turn in Box Tops is to use a collection sheet found by Googling “Box Tops for Education Collection Sheets.” Pasting them on the collection sheets is the easiest way for our Chairman to count and submit the Box Tops.
–Please do not submit any expired Box Tops!