Remember to Complete Math & Reading Stars

Star_KidsCalling all 1st-5th Graders: Do you want to be a Star?

Remember to Complete Math and Reading Stars! 

NOTE:  They are “due” Mid-April!

The Math and Reading Stars program is in full swing and will be ending next month!

The program helps encourage your 1st – 5th grade child to practice important skills!  Each student that earns 24 stars in math or reading (or both!) by mid-April will receive a medal for his/her extra work.

Be on the lookout for details about completing the program and receiving a medal at the end of the school year!  Color in a star on the math or reading worksheet when your child completes:

  • 30 minutes of extra math practice (Check out the PTA website link below for online tools that students can use to practice!)
  • 1 hour of extra reading beyond what is expected for his/her grade level

Be on the lookout for information in an upcoming “Friday Folder” or here.

Questions? Contact challie.sherril@gmail.com