Yearbooks are Here!

Due to the current circumstances, yearbooks will be distributed from the home of Jeannette Calkins (14123 Barryknoll Lane) in a “drive-by” format.

Distribution will take place on Wednesday, June 17, from 10 – 12.

A – K please come between 10 – 11am
L – Z please come between 11am – 12pm

If you have a problem with your assigned time, please let Jeannette know and she will work with you.  

Additionally, If you cannot come at all on the designated day, we will create another opportunity for pick up in the very near future.

If you are not sure if you ordered a yearbook, please click HERE  to check the list of yearbooks sold.  If you would like to purchase a yearbook, please email Jeannette Calkins at Jeannettecalkins@gmail.com or Rachel Kapoor at rdaniel1203@yahoo.com.   You will be able to  purchase a yearbook through Monday, June 22.   Price is $40 and availability is limited so please email as soon as possible to reserve your yearbook.

When picking up yearbooks, please drive by with a large sheet (notebook paper size is fine) that includes the first and last name of EVERY child that purchased a book.  Grade level is not necessary.  If you personalized your yearbook (see HERE) please place a P after your name. The queue will start at the corner of Queensbury and Kirkwood.  It will then head west on Queensbury.  Turn right on Carlingford and around to Barryknoll Lane.  At the corner of Carlingford and Barryknoll you will stop to be checked off and then proceed down the street to pick up your yearbooks.  Having your sign is very important to make this a speedy process.  


Calkins, Sloane – P

Calkins, Jack – P 


Calkins, Sloane

Calkins, Jack 
Thank you so much for your patience with the delayed delivery, and the pick up process.  Please email us if you have any questions.

The Yearbook Team

Questions? Please contact Jeannette Calkins (jeannettecalkins@gmail.com)