THANK YOU to all who attended STEMfest 2020! What a FUN night!

Did you go to STEMfest? Check out these pictures from the big event!

What is STEMfest?

STEMfest is a unique event where families can explore and engage in science-based, hands-on activities. Build the tallest structure using only index cards! Visit the International Space Station in “The Dome”! Learn about coding! Watch what happens when you mix hydrogen peroxide, dry yeast, water and soap! With over 20 activities, there’s something for everyone and every age. The event is designed for the entire family to enjoy and with thanks to student volunteers from Westchester and Stratford, minimal parent volunteers are needed. Meals, prizes, and lots of take-aways are offered as well.


What is upcycling? Upcycling is also known as creative reuse. It’s repurposing materials you’d throw out and transforming it into something new. As STEMfest is not a fundraiser, this event depends greatly on our Wilchester families upcycling materials to make for a fun-filled night. Keep your eye out for announcements on collecting upcyclables. Examples:

• Paper Towel, Toilet Paper, and Giftwrap Rolls • Rubber Bands • Cardboard Boxes (non-food) • Plastic Spoons • Red Solo Cups • Craft Sticks • Pool Noodles

Check back here and be on the lookout for future eBlasts on how you can help with STEMfest. Volunteers will be needed for set-up/breakdown, check-in, and meal service

Audrey Bose

Meredith Dyson

Kelly Porter

Nicole Stone