Recycling Program

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Recycling Aluminum Cans and Plastic Bottles at Wilchester

Drink it, Dump it, Dunk it!

We recycle aluminum cans and plastic bottles at Wilchester! The designated recycling bin in the cafeteria is placed next to the tray return window. Everyone must pour any remaining liquid from their containers into the cafeteria sink at the lunch tray return window BEFORE placing their plastic bottles and cans into the recycling bin. There are also designated bins in the Flex Room and by the water fountains on the playground, so teachers and parents recycle too!

Please talk with your children about the protocol and explain that after they finish their DRINK, they will then need to DUMP out the remaining liquid from their drink before DUNKING their cans and bottles into the recycling bin!

We CAN save thousands of bottles and cans from the landfill this year!

For additional information regarding the Recycling Program, please contact the 2018-2019 Chairs:

Amy Hines –

Michelle Logan –