Birthday Book Club


The Birthday Book Club is a great way to honor birthdays at Wilchester and help enhance our school library with new books!


How to Donate a Birthday Book Club Book:

  1. Prior to your child’s birthday month, visit our wish list from Blue Willow Bookshop. Click on the link or copy & paste the link below into your browser:  Browse through book titles to find one that your child would love! Books ordered online will be delivered to the school.
  2. Contact Blue Willow Bookshop (Memorial and Dairy Ashford) to set up a visit and choose a book from the store. The ladies who work at Blue Willow can recommend books that would be perfect for your child
  3. If you’d rather purchase a book elsewhere, you can drop the book off at 13514 Pinerock with a note including the child’s name and age/birthday.

Hardcover books will last longer in our school library, so we are asking for hardcover book donations when possible.


Once you’ve ordered a Birthday Book Club Book:

PTA will affix a label inside the book with your child’s name and birthday information on it:

This book is donated to the Wilchester Library in honor of Owen Valentine’s 11th Birthday – April 2021

Books will be delivered once a month during school hours. If you are a virtual learner, we will arrange for the book to be delivered to you. The honorees will be the first to receive and read the books. When they are finished, they will return the books to a designated location. When library checkout becomes available to students, others in the school will be able to enjoy the birthday books as well!

If you choose to participate in this program, plan ahead! Books will start being delivered in October. Summer birthdays may be celebrated at any time during the year.


Deadlines for monthly deliveries:

Book recipients will be announced on the morning announcements sometime during the first two weeks of the month.

Books need to be ordered by the 15th of the month (or the Monday following the 15th if it falls over a weekend) prior to the month you want the book delivered. This allows time for us to receive the books, process them in the library system, and “quarantine” the books before delivery.

Want to buy your book early? You can! We can hold onto the book and deliver it when the birthday month arrives!

Forgot to purchase a book? It’s not too late! We can deliver any month and will put your child’s correct birth month on the label!

Please contact Leslie Valentine ( or Cassie Greenway ( with any questions about the program.