Birthday Book Club


Order Your Child’s Birthday Book!

Our Wilchester Birthday Book Club was a big success last year with over 120 new books donated to our school library!  This year, we will be partnering with Blue Willow Bookshopto support our local bookstore and to thank them for the amazing author visits they bring us throughout the school year!

Visit Blue Willow Bookshop (Memorial and Dairy Ashford in the HEB parking lot) in person and choose a book from the store. The ladies who work at Blue Willow can recommend books that would be perfect for your child! We will pick up the purchased books from the store and get them ready for birthday deliveries!

Click Here to Purchase Birthday Books ONLINE

If you’d rather purchase a book elsewhere, you can drop the book off at 13514 Pinerock with a note including your child’s name, age/birthday, and the name of their homeroom teacher.

Hardcover books will last longer in our school library, so we are asking for hardcover book donations when possible.

Books will be delivered once a month on the first Monday of each month (with the exception of September and January). The honorees will be the first to receive and read the books. When they’re finished, they will return the books to the library for others in the school to check out and enjoy! If you choose to participate in this program, plan ahead!  Books will start being delivered in September. All other months will need to be purchased by the 15th of the month prior to delivery. Summer birthdays may be celebrated at any time during the year.  

Please contact Leslie Valentine ( with any questions about the program.