Science Fair

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The Wilchester Science Fair is an annual event for 1st through 5th graders at Wilchester Elementary and designed to teach students the true nature of science. The student researcher must formulate a hypothesis or need, design experiments and ensure proper data collection, and is designed to empower students, in a fun, positive manner, to realize that they can ask questions about anything and discover the answers by themselves.  Students are encouraged to think independently and outside the box as they investigate and explore scientific experiments.  It also reinforces scientific terms and thought processes taught in the classrooms. This year, students also have the opportunity to present the projects in a short video clip.

There are different processes for lower grades (1st-3rd) and higher grades (4th-5th).

4th and 5th graders: students may work independently or in pairs.

Click here for the science fair informational packet for grades 4-5.

Below is the timeline for 4th and 5th graders:

– science Fair info meeting:

(1) to 4th/5th students/teachers, 1/5 Friday 1:30pm Cafeteria;

(2) info session to parents, 1/9 Tuesday 6:30pm Elizabeth’s house

– Projects due date: 2/16 Friday Deadline for students to complete the poster and submit the video clip. 

– Bring posters to school: 3/1 Thursday 7:30am-8am

– 4th/5th Award Ceremony: 3/2 Friday 7:30am-8am

1st, 2nd and 3rd graders: projects are organized by class volunteer parents.

Click here for the class science fair volunteer packet for volunteers in grades 1-3.

2017-2018 Science Fair Chairs:

Irina Gibson, Elizabeth Lovering, Linda Hui