Family Handbook: 2020-2021

A note from the Welcome Committee…

We are here to help make your transition into our school as smooth and easy as possible!  Wilchester is a very special school.   We are confident that your children will feel welcome and safe here, while receiving an exceptional education. We have outstanding teachers, an excellent staff, and a wonderful community of involved parents.

This handbook is provided to help answer some basic questions and get your year started off smoothly.  Just a few years ago our children were starting at Wilchester, we were new, and we felt quite overwhelmed.

We are keenly aware that this handbook can’t possibly answer all of your questions, therefore, please contact us at any point if you have additional questions or concerns.   No question is too small or too silly when it comes to our children.  We are here for you all year long and will do our best to help.

Our goal is for you to have a great experience at Wilchester this year.


Emily Dunlap

Adriane Mraz

Tandy Wannarka