Paw Print Express


What is Paw Print Express?

Paw Print Express (PPE) is the Wilchester Elementary student mail service that allows students to write letters to friends, teachers and other staff members. Parents may also write encouraging letters to their children as well to surprise them.

How does it work?

Each Friday one classroom is assigned to assist with PPE delivery. Students check the letters for accuracy…make sure the letters are addressed correctly, sort the letters by teacher, provide our own version of Wildcat postage, and then finally deliver them to the appropriate classroom. This activity allows for student to understand mail service in a fun and interactive way.

How can my child write a letter or how can I write a letter to my child?

It’s easy! Click HERE and print off a piece of PPE stationary.   You may also find a piece of PPE stationary located in the front office just to your right as you walk through the front doors.  Make sure to fold the piece of paper in half and write who the letter is to (child’s full name and their teacher’s name) as well as who the letter is from (parent or child’s name writing letter). Place the letter in the white PPE mailbox inside the Library next time you are visiting OR the green mailbox in the front office which is more easily accessible to parents.

For seasonal stationary, see these images:

Lined Theme Paper


Fall Sports

New this year!
Paw Print Express has added an email account!
Now you, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and far away friends can get in on the fun! They will be printed out weekly and delivered with regular Paw Print mail.
Please be sure to include the following in the email:
To: First & Last Name

For additional information about Paw Print Express, please contact 2019-2020 Chairs:

Christa Griffith –
Laura Werner –