Paw Print Express


Paw Print Express (PPE) is the Wilchester Elementary student mail service that allows students to write letters to friends, teachers and other staff members. Parents and others may write encouraging letters to their children as well.

We will have a few of opportunities this school year for parents and students to write letters. On those occasions, the PPE mailbox will be placed outside of the school for anyone who would like to write a letter to a student, teacher, or other staff member. Click here and print off a sheet of PPE stationary. Please make sure to fold your letter in half and write the recipient (child’s full name and their teacher’s name) as well as the sender (parent or child’s name writing letter). Place the letter inside the PPE mailbox, and we will do the rest!


If you are unable to visit the school on the designated day, you may email your letter to  Now you, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and far away friends can get in on the fun! They will be printed out on the designated day and delivered with regular Paw Print mail.


Please be sure to include the following in the email:
To: First & Last Name


For additional information about Paw Print Express, please contact 2020-2021 Chairs:

D’Lisia Bergeron-

Emily Raines-

Lacee Osteen-