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Carnival Tickets on Sale NOW Through March 20th!

The Wilchester Greatest Show on Earth Carnival tickets can be ordered online now!  Don’t miss out on getting your booth tickets, prize drawing tickets, wristbands and lanyards!  We have new booths this year including Henna Tattoos, Jeweled Art for Faces, a Fortune Teller and much much more!

Make sure you order enough tickets to participate in all the fun!

A family of 4 should be able to eat and play 5 – 8 games with about 100 tickets!  Enter our presale contest!  Each family that orders at least 100 tickets will be entered into the drawing for a FAST PASS for each of their kiddos to ride anything at carnival and skip the lines!  By purchasing in advance, you can avoid the lines and label prize drawing tickets with your name before you get to Carnival.

Carnival Ticket Preorders are DUE the week after Spring Break, so order yours now!
CLICK HERE to preorder Carnival Tickets!

Prize Drawing Donations DUE Friday!

We need YOUR help to make this year’s Carnival Prize Drawing amazing!  It’s a Wilchester tradition for families to donate to our prize drawing and all items are welcome – no item is too small!  If you haven’t donated, please consider choosing something to contribute from your family.  Games, toys, craft kits, pool floats, stuffed animals, and electronics are all welcome!

  • Shop our Amazon Wish List!  Go to Amazon and search Wish Lists for Courtney Squillante.  Items purchased will be shipped directly to the Prize Drawing team, which makes it so easy!
  • Swing by Learning Express, Target, Michael’s, Academy, Barnes and Noble, or another store with fun toys and pick out a prize!
  • Do you own a business or know someone who does? There are several sponsorships opportunities available or we would love for your company to make a prize drawing donation!
Please drop off prize drawing donations to Courtney Squillante (13606 Butterfly). 

Questions? Have something else you would like to contribute? Contact Courtney Squillante at courtneysquillante@gmail.com.

Get your prize drawing donations in by Friday to be recognized at the Carnival!

CLICK HERE for the Family Donation Form

Keep Bringing in Your Fun Junk and Stuffed Animals!

Fun Junk AND Stuffed Animals can be dropped off in the front office at Wilchester and at the following homes:

Drop off for Fun Junk: Paula Phillips (13318 St. Mary’s Lane) and Jordan Amis (890 N. Wilcrest Drive)
Drop off for Stuffed Animals: Kerry Brendel (13603 Tosca Lane) and Sarah Heinecke (13623 Tosca Lane)


Wanna be a Carnival Ringmaster? Here’s How to Steal the Show!  

Coolers!  We are looking for coolers to borrow for Carnival! Please contact Tanya Smalling at tgsmalling@gmail.com if you have one to donate for our thirsty guests!

Baked Goods! We need volunteers to make HOMEMADE baked goods for our Carnival Bake Sale!  Please sign up at the link below if you can bring delicious treats!

CLICK HERE to Sign Up for Carnival Bake Sale!


Kindergarten Roundup is THIS Thursday!

Join us on Thursday, March 7th at 10am for Kindergarten Roundup, an informational meeting about our kindergarten program.

If you know someone who will have a kindergarten student in the fall, please share this information with them!



Mark Your Calendars for the Spring Fashion Show and PTA Luncheon!
Thursday, April 4th
Westin Hotel at Memorial City

CLICK HERE to register!


Congratulations to Our Science Fair Winners!

We had so many extraordinary Science Fair projects submitted last week!  We’re proud of the hard work of all of our students who participated in the Science Fair this year.

4th Grade Winners
1st Place: Liam Gagnon
2nd Place: Pryce Houston and Braden Oliphant
3rd Place: Megan Ong and Juliette Lascand
Honorable Mentions: Hadi Elkhansa and Carter Phillips, Cayden Butts, Dasha Gibson and Leslie Campana, Wyatt Throckmorton-Kahn, Quinn Hopper and Lauren Conticello, Duncan McCluskey and Aaron Reynolds, Cassie Lovering and Adriana Secaira, Audrey Brendel and Ella Bui, Leo Ferguson and Brody Baily, and Avni Shiv

5th Grade Winners
1st Place: Kelvin Zebah
2nd Place: Shrivarshan VJ
3rd Place: Quinn Azizi
Honorable Mentions: Katie Hamilton, Maddie Box and Luisa Llaneza

Please Submit Your Yearbook Photos!

The Yearbook team is finalizing pages every week, so please submit your photos from Wilchester events as soon as possible!

Go to the link below and enter project number 926691 (with nothing in the password line) to submit your photos!

CLICK HERE to submit photos to the Yearbook


Congratulations to the PTA Executive Board for 2019 – 2020!

President: Courtney Robertson
1st VP Ways & Means: Cristi Hicks
2nd VP Programs: Kristin Broussard
3rd VP Communications: Lisa Bown
Treasurer: Tabatha Urech
Reporting Secretary: Cassie Greenway
Parliamentarian: Laura Minyard
Corresponding Secretary: Amanda Peterson

Nominating Committee: Leslie Valentine – Chair, Katie Bahrami, Kerry Brendel, Emily Craft, Jenni Emery, and Julie Smith


Congratulations to our 2018 – 2019 Teacher of the Year Winner,
Mrs. Sharon Crump! 

Mrs. Crump has been teaching at Wilchester for 18 years!  She does a wonderful job helping each of her kindergarten students learn, grow, and reach their potential.  We are so thankful to have Mrs. Crump on the kindergarten team!

Do you know someone who is considering a move to this area?  Our Welcome Committee offers tours of Wilchester twice a week.  More information can be found on the PTA website at the link below!

CLICK HERE to sign up for WCE School Tours


Congrats to 3rd Grade for winning the Box Tops challenge! 

If you haven’t downloaded the Bonus Box Tops app, give it a try!  It makes collecting Box Top credits easy – simply scan your receipt to help raise money for the Wilchester library!










We Need Help with the Food Waste Audit!

The 4th and 5th grade classes will be participating in a food waste audit over the next few weeks as part of an investigation on how much food our students throw away.  We are in need of 1-3 parents to help during 4th and/or 5th grade lunch on Tuesday, March 19th.  If you are available to help, please email Ms. Baker at paula.baker@springbranchisd.com.


















Sign Up to Help with Lunch Duty THIS Friday!

Let’s give our teachers a break from lunch duty so they can enjoy the teacher appreciation luncheon!  If you can volunteer for 30 minutes during lunch, our staff would appreciate it.  It’s easy and a great chance to see your child during the school day!

CLICK HERE to sign up for Lunch Duty


Sign Up to Help with Morning Movers!

Our Morning Movers program is thriving and helping many 2nd – 5th grade Wildcats start their day in a healthy way!  We need helpers every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7:25-7:45am. It’s fun to help and you can come in work out clothes!  Feel free to bring younger siblings.

CLICK HERE to help with Morning Movers

Learn More About Texas School Finance and Recapture!

The SBISD community is invited to attend a Legislative Town Hall meeting to discuss school finance reform and the Recapture program.  You’ll hear the latest information concerning the Legislature and public education!All meetings will start at 7:00pm in each high school’s auditorium.

  • Wednesday, Feb. 20th — Westchester Academy for International Studies
  • Tuesday, Feb. 26th — Memorial High School
  • Wednesday, Feb. 27th — Spring Woods High School
  • Tuesday, March 5th — Stratford High School
  • Wednesday, March 6th — Northbrook High School


Sign Up to Take Photos at Wilchester Events!

We need help capturing this year’s amazing events and memories for our yearbook!

Please sign up below if you’re able to attend a WCE event to take photos!
It’s an easy and fun way to help during the school day and see all the happenings at Wilchester!  You don’t need to be a professional photographer – the yearbook team will email you some tips and guidelines to take great shots.

Even if you can’t attend events as a photographer, please submit your personal photos to the yearbook.  Just look for the green camera icon on the PTA website!

Click here to Volunteer for Yearbook Photography




Send Letters Through Paw Print Express!

Paw Print Express is the Wilchester mail service that allows students to send letters to friends, siblings, and teachers!  Parents and grandparents are welcome to write or email encouraging letters to their children, too.

How does it work?
Every Friday, one classroom (1st – 5th grade) is assigned to sort, post, and deliver mail to Wilchester classrooms.

How can I write a letter to my child OR help my child write a letter to a friend?
Click on the link below to print a piece of PPE stationary or pickup stationary from the front office.  After writing your letter, don’t forget to fold it in half and write who the letter is TO and FROM on the outside.  Letters can be “mailed” in the mailbox inside the library or in the front office!

How can I send an email to my child?
To email your child, please send to wcepawprintexpress@gmail.com and include your child’s first and last name, teacher, and grade.


Morning Movers Open to
2nd – 5th Graders Both Days!
All 2nd -5th grade students can now join us for Morning Movers both days (Tuesdays and Thursdays), instead of only attending on their designated day.

Parents are welcome to help!  The gate will open at 7:20am and remain open until 7:40am for walkers/bikers to join in!


Contribute to the SBEF Making Our Schools Better Campaign!

The Spring Branch Education Foundation (SBEF) contributes to EVERY school in Spring Branch ISD through grants, scholarships, and other programs.  Wilchester has been the recipient of many grants that have provided special opportunities for our Wildcats. 

On Monday, Ms. Liz Burling was awarded an SBEF mini-grant for flexible seating in her kindergarten classroom!  Congrats, Ms. Burling!

Sign up to be a volunteer at Wilchester

You need to register to a volunteer through SBISD to be able to volunteer at the school and in the classroom. Please do this by October 1st. Click here to register to volunteer with SBISD. This needs to be redone every year. If you plan to volunteer at multiple schools in SBISD, you can check the boxes for each school on the same application.
You can join Wilchester PTA by clicking here.This also needs to be renewed every school year.

You can not volunteer in the classroom or library, help with parties, attend a field trip, etc if you haven’t signed up through SBISD.  The front office can not allow you to enter the school to volunteer with the children unless you have gone through the process. For more information, please see the attached information.  Sign up here: https://volunteer.springbranchisd.com

Kroger logo
Wilchester PTA is now registered for Community Rewards through the Kroger Rewards Card!  This means every time you shop at Kroger and use your Rewards card, WCE PTA will receive a percentage of what you spend.  All participants must first register our school with your Rewards card.
Go to www.krogercommunityrewards.com and log in.  If you do not have a log in you can easily create one, it only takes a few seconds.  Then search for Wilchester PTA or input our number, AF975.  That’s it!  Your card is now active!  Just use your Kroger Card each time you shop and to help benefit Wilchester!



Randalls Remarkable CardLink Your Randalls Card to Our School!

1% of purchase total is sent directly to your organization at the end of each quarter! You can link your Randalls Remarkable Card to up to 3 different charities/organizations. If you link to more than one, the total purchase amount will be divided equally between the three organizations.
Earn money for our school just by doing your regular grocery shopping at Randalls!

Click HERE for the form.

Change of Transportation Form

* Change of Transportation Form 


(Don’t forget to check out the Useful Links tab on the website.  You will find tons of great information including links to after-school enrichment and community activities)