Wildcat Tracks (Student Newspaper)

wildcat tracks picture 2Wildcat Tracks, the Wilchester student newspaper, is currently searching for some artistic, fun-loving reporters of ALL AGES to write articles about campus happenings, extracurricular activities and life as a Wilchester Wildcat!  This venture is a great way for your child to participate in an educational project while highlighting their creative abilities.  Each reporter will be assigned an age appropriate article or artwork for one or all of the Wildcat Track issues.


Spring 2017 Volume 1

Spring 2017 Volume 2

Spring 2016

Winter 2016


A note from the Editor:  Thanks to all who participated in our Spring Edition 2017 of Wildcat Tracks!  Please enjoy the hard work and talent shown here, and I look forward to seeing more excellent work from you in the future!
-Michelle Enszer, Editor-in-Chief

Please contact Michelle with any questions – m.enszer@comcast.net